About Lottie

Who am I?

I am an English Literature student at St Andrews, going into my final year. I am 21 years old (at the moment), I love all manner of reading, writing, music and sailing. Oh, and I have two labradors, who are probably the most affectionate people I know.

What is this site?

This blog is a space where I hope to publish a few times a week (university deadlines and real life permitting), writing both short and long pieces that I think are interesting and I have explored slightly further than you might perhaps have seen on news notifications or headlines. Current affairs and politics are my main interests, but I may well occasionally digress to entertainment news and comical pieces as well – anything that I think might be interesting to my readers.

Why should I follow this blog, or look at this site again?

Well, if you know me, I suggest you both follow the blog and re-visit the site on pain of death. On a more serious note, however, I believe that today we are more out of touch with the news than ever, despite all the readily accessible online resources. Print numbers are down, and internet news subscriptions are on the up, but somehow people still seem to be largely misinformed, or just disinterested. In my opinion, this is because we live in such a moment-to-moment, instantaneous environment that we see a headline, perhaps read the introduction, but then move on to the next thing. The statistics might say that people are clicking on articles and reading them, but statistics can’t track how far down the page you get. So if you want to add slightly to your brain repertoire, do please come back and read what I have to say, and feel free to comment and make suggestions – I am always open to criticism. Most of the time.

Contact Me:

If, for any reason, you don’t want your comments or thoughts to be public, then please feel free to e-mail me at the following address:


Thanks in advance for your support and readership!