Sources and Copyright

Please note that everything on this site is my own work. I abhor copy-and-paste, and therefore all this material is original and written by me.

However, for many of my news stories, I get statistics from elsewhere – quotes and other facts also come from other sources, as I do not yet have the resources to gather these myself.

My main source for facts and figures is the BBC News website, or the Office for National Statistics. Where sources have been used, I will name them in following parentheses, e.g: 85% of people probably won’t have got this far down a page with the title ‘Sources and Copyright’ (Source: my imagination). 

I will endeavour to follow this practice at all times, but just to cover my tracks, I apologise in advance for occasions where I will inevitably forget to do so. If you notice an issue of copyright or somewhere where I haven’t clearly stated the source – please let me know.